Friday, February 10, 2012

for 100 percent kids!

Hello, peoples. So I'm writing this as a semi-public declaration so I'll be shamed into sticking with it: My friend Courtney and I are going to do a two-week juice fast starting on Sunday.

INSANE, I know. Whew. I'm pumped, yet also petrified. I texted my dad about it, and he was like, "what happened to my meat and potatoes girl??" I know, Dad, I know. More like "what happened to my Oreos & Reese's girl?" But that's kind of the point. I don't eat very healthily; I really do eat Oreos for dinner sometimes, and I really do eat chocolate croissants for breakfast most mornings.

But not anymore! Not this week at all, actually. We've been weaning ourselves off the bad stuff, so except for when I caved and had Reese's on Tuesday (two packs ... my logic being that I wanted to be totally off sugar on Wednesday, then I better not have that last dollar in change on me after Tuesday! Um, yes. This is my brain.) I haven't had sugar, meat, much dairy or carbs this week. That's quite a feat for me. I have zero self-control, in this & many other areas of my life ...

But that's part of the goal of the juice fast! To show myself that self-control IS possible, and rewarding, and a better way to live.

So yes. Starting Sunday, we will only consume fruit & vegetable juice. (We could've allowed solid fruits & veggies, too, but we decided to go all in; the benefit of juice is that it's already broken down into a form that your body can immediately put to use. Or so says Courtney.) (Courtney studied nutrition & reads health-food books for fun & is going to be a naturopathic doctor, so I trust her.)

I got the juicer today from my coworker, and tested it out tonight with cucumber, apple and ginger. Whew, a little too much ginger. And then I squeezed some lemon juice into it, because lemon juice makes everything bearable (except paper cuts, I guess). And it's not bad. I think it'll take a while for it to not feel like medicine of some sort, and I don't know if I'll ever look forward to juice like I look forward to Oreos, but that's part of the goal too. I want to change my appetite & learn to crave good foods.

Good quote I found on Pinterest: "If you're not willing to eat vegetables, then you're not really hungry — just craving."

This juice fast is meant as a cleanse, to get rid of the 22 years of toxins I've been putting in my body, and to start healing from that damage. I'm afraid it'll be more like two weeks of feeling hungry all the time ... but Courtney says it'll be good. We'll be praying a lot.

Anyway, I'm gonna write about it here: and hopefully Courtney will be able to post stuff, too. It's mostly for me/us, but if anyone else is thinking about doing a cleanse like this, it might be good to see what someone else is going through.

Wooo juice! My favorite ...mmhmm.

Love always,